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August 2006
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS; The Future is Now: Responses to the 8Rs Canadian Library Human Resource Study

The 8Rs Research Team invites submissions for a collection of essays to be published by the Canadian Library Association. This publication will serve to enhance the two studies recently conducted by the team, The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries, and the Training Gaps Analysis for Librarians and Library Technicians (through the Cultural Human Resources Council).

As the first major studies that have investigated both the library workforce and workplace in Canada, these publications provide a broad perspective on the field at an important juncture. While the initial analyses provided much information on the library sector, the rich data collected by the Research Team has the potential to be analysed and used more extensively. Such further work will benefit from the diverse perspectives and library experiences of the contributors to the monograph.

We encourage librarians, paraprofessionals, and LIS educators to take up the challenge of making use of the evidence collected on different aspects of the 8Rs: recruitment, retention, retirement, remuneration, repatriation, rejuvenation, reaccreditation, and restructuring. Writers are expected to work with the 8Rs published statistics or with the dataset itself (to be provided by the 8Rs team). Professional experiences, data from other studies and case studies may be included, as long as the 8Rs research data are used as the major focus for comparison, analysis and commentary.

Preliminary themes for the project include:
* Recruitment
* Library Education
* Professional Development
* Succession Planning
* Career Progression
* Quality of Work / Library as Workplace

For the selected writers wishing to do further analysis of the 8Rs data, the team will do their best to provide access to relevant parts of the dataset in a preferred format (SPSS, etc.). The 8Rs team will also endeavour to provide additional descriptive statistics as required and advice on selecting variables. We encourage potential writers to use the original 8Rs questionnaires / reports for reference when drafting their proposals. Copies of these documents will be made available to interested writers upon request.

Please submit a 500-word paper proposal, writing sample (no more than 5 pages), and brief biography by September 15, 2006 to the team, to the attention of:
Allison Sivak
Research Associate
8Rs Canadian Library Human Resources Study
5-07 Cameron Library
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J8
T: 780.492.8329
F: 780.492.7925

October 2005 The 8Rs Research Team is pleased to announce that we are the selected researchers for the Cultural Human Resources Council’s study for the Training Gaps Analysis for Librarians and Library Technicians. The team will be surveying Deans, Directors, and Program Heads in MLIS and library technician programs; current students; and employers on necessary competencies for library technicians. This research will be complemented by data previously gathered by the 8Rs team to provide a clear picture of the gaps between employer expectations and new graduates’ competencies gained through their basic education. The team will conduct the research between October 2005 and January 2006, submitting our final report to CHRC in spring of that year.

June 2005 The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries (PDF format, 3.9 MB)

March 2004 The Future of Heritage Work in Canada (PDF format, 1067 KB)

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